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We created Brightbeam to be the most helpful partner for those wanting to grab the advantages of AI with both hands.

Adapting to the Age of AI is still new to most people. And enterprises in particular need a special kind of support in making the transition towards gaining advantage through AI. Simply jumping in and going it alone won’t work.

Founders Brian, Paul and Phil established Brightbeam to help enterprises find faster routes, using AI, to superior experiences and unparalleled productivity.

All three founders have been involved in enterprise technology transformations for decades. Their careers were built in the emergence of the digital, big data and machine learning world. They have all been involved in AI – in one form or another – for nearly thirty years.

Their core belief is that that enterprises are being short-changed by consultancies that can only talk around the issues. Instead of just saying what’s possible, there’s a need to show it too. For this reason Brightbeam aims to be the most helpful services company in the world that assists enterprises gain advantage through AI.


Our structured framework is built upon successful agile and product management techniques. We use it to guide the development and release of any AI solution by drawing on best practices across the four interlinked phases:

  • 01


    During this phase, we get to know user needs, the business and market context, as well as potential internal challenges. It’s about researching and gathering insights to define what the problem is and who we’re solving it for. Discovery often involves stakeholder interviews, user research, market analysis and the definition of the product value proposition.

  • 02

    + ALPHA

    Here, the focus shifts to experimenting with potential AI solutions. Typically this means building prototypes. Testing them with a small group of users. And gathering feedback. The goal is to validate assumptions made during the Discovery phase and refine the value proposition to make sure it fits customer needs. This is a phase characterised by rapid iteration and experimentation.

  • 03

    + BETA

    All lessons from the Alpha phase are then applied to create a minimum viable product (MVP). The objective of the Beta phase is to fine-tune the solution, fix any issues and prepare for wider release. Often this involves launching to a broader audience for extensive testing to be sure that the product actually meets user needs and expectations.

  • 04

    + LIVE

    As the name suggests, this is the official launch phase. At this point, it’s all about scaling, ongoing maintenance and continuous improvement based on user feedback or shifts in market demand. It’s also a phase that includes performance monitoring, data gathering and iterative improvements to establish longer-term success and relevance.


Brian, Paul and Phil cut their teeth in the emerging worlds of mobile and e-commerce before going on to lead developments in cloud, digital transformation and product management. Collectively, they've worked with hundreds of globally recognisable brands and market leaders in over twenty different industry sectors. In that time, they helped build several successful software implementation and transformation professional services firms, which are now collectively valued at €300+ million.  So why did they come together to start Brightbeam?


“I want Brightbeam to be recognised as having world-class value propositions for two groups of people: our customers and our employees. We have set up Brightbeam to reimagine how B2B services are defined and delivered. I care deeply about helping our clients and our employees be the best that they can be, and will do all that I can to make this happen.”


“As the COO and a co-founder of Brightbeam, my focus is on making our company a place where we use AI to really help people. Building and leading teams that are passionate about what they do is what I love most. AI is a game-changer, and I’m thrilled to be part of a company that’s right at the heart of it. At Brightbeam, we’re not just about the technology – we’re about using it to help other businesses grow and succeed. It’s all about practical, real-world benefits, and I’m proud to be leading the charge in this exciting field.”


“I’ve worked in tech, products and digital throughout my career, and I love building companies and cultures that help unlock the potential of people. I built my first AI model back in 1999. What we have today is so much more than what I did back then, and I believe blending the best of humans with the best of tech is game-changing. We are here to help.”

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