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Strategic Partnership

Brightbeam & Vellum

Through a strategic partnership with Vellum, Brightbeam amplifies its commitment to AI-driven transformation for medium to large enterprises. Vellum’s developer platform magnifies Brightbeam’s service offerings, allowing clients to craft LLM-powered applications with unmatched speed and precision. This collaboration means refined customer experiences and process effectiveness for clients, underpinned by rigorous testing and performance monitoring.

Brightbeam's AI expertise and Vellum's platform are a perfect match, melding the best of AI technology to advance the development and execution of enterprise-grade LLM applications.

Akash Sharma

CEO Vellum

integration of AI

Brightbeam & XSpecs

Brightbeam partners with XSpecs to revolutionize the integration of AI in business backends, enhancing organizational efficiency from the ground up. This alliance empowers enterprises to harness the full potential of AI with Brightbeam’s expertise in driving AI adoption across products and processes and XSpecs’ innovative AI-assisted backend development. Together, they are setting a new standard for rapid, scalable business transformation.

With Brightbeam, we transform the promise of AI into real-world speed and precision for enterprise development needs.

Sam Hatoum

CEO XSpecs

enterprise transformation

Brightbeam & Kouo

Brightbeam and Kouo’s partnership heralds a new era for businesses eager to explore the depths of AI’s potential. Brightbeam brings to the table profound AI expertise and innovation for enterprise transformation, while Kouo offers a niche in interpreting human emotions from wearable data. Together, they offer a synergistic approach to enhancing product development, refining customer experiences, and elevating business processes through emotional intelligence analytics.

Our alliance with Brightbeam sets the stage for a revolutionary blend of emotional intelligence and AI's transformative power. It's a collaboration that promises to redefine how enterprises understand and cater to their customers.

Shaan Bassi

CEO Kouo

enhancing AI accessibility

Brightbeam & Zerve

The partnership between Brightbeam and Zerve is a practical move towards enhancing AI accessibility for enterprises. Brightbeam brings its AI acumen to the table, facilitating the incorporation of AI in business strategies, while Zerve provides a robust coding platform to streamline the development process. This collaboration is designed to simplify complex AI implementation for clients, offering them the tools and expertise to innovate with confidence and clarity.

We're thrilled to partner with Brightbeam. Their prowess in AI transformation combined with our coding platform marks the beginning of a new era for enterprise innovation.

Philly Hayes

CEO Zerve

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