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There are plenty of competing pressures on Operations. From maintaining seamless processes to resource allocation to adapting to market demands. When it comes to AI in Operations, much of the talk tends to be about generic approaches to efficiency or productivity. So let’s focus instead on some of the real-world benefits you can expect when AI is carefully applied in context.


As the nerve centre of most organisations, Finance has a deep-held role in ensuring financial health, allocating capital and safeguarding against risks. The potential of AI in Finance is often talked about in rather generic terms, which can set people’s nerves twitching. So let’s examine some of the practical applications of AI and how these can enhance your own Finance function.

Human Resources

Attracting and retaining talent. Developing successful learning journeys and training schemes. Maintaining a healthy workplace culture. The range of responsibilities in corporate HR is as diverse as it is long. So how can AI facilitate more effective approaches to traditional HR practices and keep your organisation ahead in a competitive market for talent?

Customer Service

Memorable experiences. Moments of delight. Meaningful interactions. These are the generic kinds of promises made when it comes to AI and Customer Service. But let’s dive deeper into exactly how this emerging technology can help you form connections that make customers feel valued and well-served.


All the chatter around generative AI is about making Marketing more efficient and effective. But few conversations cover the complexities of the sector and how AI can be incorporated into existing marketing strategies. So let’s dig into precisely how you can use AI to understand consumer behaviour, create compelling campaigns and optimise conversions.

Business Development/Sales

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